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The Smugglers’ will be Rowing, Cycling and Running to cover Devon & Cornwall, the Atlantic Ocean, and the rugged coastline of all the 3 moors within the region.

The challenge will take place around July 2020 depending on an appropriate weather window and take in the region of 14 days to complete. 

During the massive triathlon to  circumnavigate Devon and Cornwall on land and sea.

The Smugglers will be…



Leaving Bude

The Smugglers’ will leave Bude and head south in their 25ft surf rowing boat and row 40 miles to Padstow in the waters which they were denied of in the last challenge due to weather and safety issues. Cornwall is notorious for its tragic shipwrecks which have made its rugged coastline the most dangerous in the UK so the Smugglers will need to be on their game whilst navigating these waters.

After navigating up Brown Willy and back to the boat the Smugglers’ will then embark on the next stretch of their rowing journey along the Atlantic Coast to Sennen Cove, 60 miles of open water! Upon reaching Sennen the boat will be taken out of the water and transported to Coverack on the south coast of Cornwall where the team runs in hot pursuit along the coastal path.

South Coast

Next is 65 miles of calmer and more familiar waters along the south coast (the Smugglers’ travelled these waters by paddle board in their last challenge) destination Plymouth. On arriving in Plymouth, the cycle team will head up to Higher Willhays. Back on board the Smugglers’ will row towards the border of Devon and Somerset and should arrive in Lyme Regis some 95 miles later!!


At this point the boat will be taken out of the water and transported up to the north coast of Devon and put back in at Porlock. As the team finish the last land part of the challenge, they will then embark on the final gruelling 65 mile trip in the water around arguably the toughest and most rugged part of the south west’s coastline back to Bude.



Camel Trail

The First part of the cycle is an up and back 54-mile ride along the Camel trail (originally a historic railway track) from Padstow to the base Brown Willy the highest point (1378 FT) on Bodmin moor and of Cornwall as a whole.


The next time the team get on the bike will be in Plymouth heading North to the Dartmoor Inn at Lydford. After running up Higher Willyhays the highest point on Dartmoor in Devon (1762 FT) they cycle back down to the boat covering a total of 60miles.

Lyme Regis

The final and longest part of the cycle challenge is a 67-mile route from Lyme Regis where the riders will roughly follow the Devon & Somerset boarder to Dunkery Beacon the highest point (1705 FT) on Exmoor and in Somerset then onto Porlock.



Brown Willy

The Smugglers will be easing their way into the running with a couple of miles from the carpark to the top of Brown Willy then back to the bike – let’s not forget Brown Willy 1378 ft above sea level!

Coastal Foot Path

The toughest running challenge starts when the boat lands in Sennen Cove; the team will relay the 56 miles of rugged coast path around Lands End to Coverack; this section of the coast path is listed as challenging and has some steep ascents and descents with some strenuous climbs.


When the cycle team reach the Dartmoor Inn, runners will then head across the moor to Higher Willhays with steep and undulating terrain this will undoubtedly be a tough one for the runners.

Money raised  goes to…

Cancer Research UK

We are the world’s leading charity dedicated to saving lives through research. Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.

Jays Aim

Jay was our brother, son, fiancée, father… who was taken from us too soon. Jay died suddenly and unexpectedly while exercising, from a cardiac arrest caused by an undiagnosed hereditary
heart condition known as ARVC (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy).

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Brown, Austin and Johnny getting fit ready for the challenge