The previous challenges

Three Peaks Row

Back in late 2010, Liam had a boozy night out where a crazy idea sprang into his head! After a chat with Brown, The Smugglers’ was born. Back then the project was called the 3 Peaks Row where we saw the team complete the 3 Peaks Challenge. This alone is physically challenging, however instead of driving the distance (where you would typically rest between the mountains) the team rowed a boat!

From this inaugural challenge four charities benefited from an amazing £25000+ and was spilt between the charities.


The Smugglers Challenge

In 2016, after a casual Sunday run along the coastal path Brown was suddenly taken ill. He collapsed after a seizure and was taken to Derriford hospital in Plymouth. The prognosis didn’t look promising with a grade 3  Cancerous Brain tumour. He required life saving surgery. Shortly after his operation Brown approached Liam and asked to put their heads together once again to try and raise some money for a couple of charities that had helped him and his family through his recovery. The Smugglers’ adopted the name we have today and a new challenge was thought up. The team of four were to paddle a surfboard around the coast of Cornwall, although the weather was to stand in their way. The team made it to Land’s End and turned around and headed back to Plymouth which turned out to be further than the initial distance planned.

An incredible £32000 was raised and split between two cancer charities.

Celebrating the Smugglers' Challenge at the Finish Line
Local Kids Celebrating at the finish line
Cheque Presentation
Ben Nevis on the Three Peaks Row
Presenting on TV

Invited to Cancer Research

After completing the Smugglers’ challenge, the team were invited to visit Cancer Research in Bristol to see where the money that was raised was being put towards.

Seeing how the money raised is being spent
Brown testing new experiments
Cancer Research Laboratory in Bristol 

The Smugglers’ Return

That brings us up to date and another huge challenge has been set for The Smugglers’  to undertake in the summer of 2020.

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